Semantic Tag Cloud

Tag clouds in wordpress are very common. The ordinary cloud has no tag priororization and displayed on all blog pages.
The SEMANTIC TAG CLOUD widget provides a dynamic sementic-like tag cloud on every page. All tags can do marked in their importance.
The widget is fully administratable.

Read the full description in english or german language.

Event List Advanced

This plugin displays all available upcoming events in a sideboard widget. All events are managed in the WordPress admin page. You can add new, edit, duplicate or delete events. Additional you can edit some properties in the widget bar. You can limit the visible events (default is three upcoming events) and add location or description information to the event.
As special feature it is possible to set links as internal or external URL. Therefore, you can create promotion sites to push up selected events. Some Images of the Event List Advanced Plugin here.

Tiny Statistics

This is a small piece of code to creates a tiny blog statistic.
Two queries counts all blog posts and pages and the second counts all used images.

The third query selects the last four entries from the wordpress posts table.