CRAZYAPPLE goes green.

Documentum is not grey.  Enterprise document management systems are not grey.  There is a wide spectrum of components and numerous configurations – like a forest. So I designed the page in green with green pictures. Not another page in business grey, black font and one eye-catching color.

My name is Holger Peylo (alias Mr. Crazyapple) and I’m working as an IT Consultant for enterprise content management systems. I mainly support and advise customers in the pharmaceutical environment. I’m a proven professional (EMCPA) since April, 2012 and proven xCP Application Developer (EMCApD) Specialist since September 2012.
I am very familiar with EMC Documentum & xCP, the IBM derivate “SCORE” and CSC FirstDoc Family R&D and Q&M. I have focused on application lifetime support, application maintenance, deviation reporting / documentation, create documentation (Standard Operation Procedure, SOP)  and training.
I live in an old farmhouse near Duisburg (Germany). I have two children and a black-white cat.

Holger Peylo
holger at crazyapple.com
Holger Peylo

All written content on this website (crazyapple.com) is free. Any screenshots taken from the EMC products are free without any copyright information.
All graphics and flow chart images are free including the copyright information. The copyright information must not be removed.

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