D6.5 Process Reporting Services


The Process Reporting Services (PRS) is a Business Activity Monitor (BAM) tool used for creating reports and alerts on monitored processes.
Reporting itself extends beyond PRS and involves a few other BAM components, as displayed in the following figure. The backbone of any report or alert is a data source. A data source is a query that runs against the BAM database (by way of the BAM server) and is defined with report entities and fields. All BAM report entities and fields are stored in the repository and are made available to PRS through the BAM server. Queries can be run against execution tables or any of the aggregation tables of the BAM database. Once data is returned to PRS, the report can either be formatted as a simple Flash-based chart, or made available to Crystal Reports for advanced formatting. Reports formatted in Crystal Reports are synchronized back into PRS where they, along with simple reports, are published to a BAM dashboard.

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