D6.5 preset

Documentum 6.5 compatible

Preset Scope

A preset scope involes one or more scopes:

  • locations
  • users, groups, roles
  • object types

A preset without a scope serves as a preset template.

 Scope Precedence

Different scopes are able to overlap each other. Scope precedence orders scope qualifiers in a way that enables prioritization of one preset scope over another. The order of scoped (default / out of the box), defined in the webtop_layer app.xml

  1. Location
  2. User or Group
  3. Role
  4. Object Type

Preset rules

Preset rules specify what the preset does.

Function Description
Navigation Repository nodes in the browser-tree. The rule also specifies the default node to open after login. Nodes controlled by client capability/role may not be added via this rule.
Actions Menu items, action links, action buttons, and tool buttons. Menu items are restricted in the context menu as well.
Types Object types for assigning to objects.
Attributes Default values for attributes.
Formats Formats for assigning to an object. When file extension is available the formats associated with the file extensions are also shown in addition to those specified by the applicable preset.
Templates Templates to use for creating new objects. Type and format of the object may disallow (and hide) some templates allowed by preset.
Lifecycles Lifecycles to assign to an object.
Workflows Workflow templates (process definitions) available for starting workflows.
Groups Groups or roles for an ACL of a quick-flow.
Permissions ACLs for assigning to object.


Rules tab of the preset properties


Attribute rules

  • preset rules define the available options
  • attribute rules provide values to be assigned to properties automatically
    • a single attribute is not overwritten by a preset rule if it already has a value
    • multi-attribute values an be added to the existing list
    • auto attribute for imported content is possible
Preselect attribute values that will be assigned automatically
Preselect menu items. Excluded Action items are not displayed in the webtop menu.
Exam questions:
  • The Preset Editor is only available in Webtop not in DA.
  • Presets can managed by members of the group “dmc_wdk_presets_coordinatoror sysadmin or superuser.
  • Presets override WDK configuration.
    Presets override WDK configuration files in memory. They do not change the configuration files.
  • Data Dictionary overrides presets.
  • Aspect attributes are not allowed in presets.
  • Modifiesd presets are only apply to new items.
  • Presets can set the attributes of string, integer, and double types only.