D6.6 Taskspace – Workqueues

Documentum 6.6 compatible

Work queue creates and managed in TaskSpace, but the necessary processes are created in the Process Builder.

Setting up a new work queue

  1. create / select necessary users and groups (optional)
  2. work assignment matching
    The work assignment matching filter lists the abilities, attributes, or expertise necessary to perform tasks in a work queue.
    The processor profile lists which of these filters has been assigned to a work queue processor.
    If a work assignment matching filter is not set up for a work queue, than any queue processor in the work queue can work on the tasks regardless of qualifications.

    Matching filter example
  3. queue policies
    The queue policy contains settings for priorities, management settings, thresholds and other management functions.
    When a new item comes in for workflow, the server identifies the activity as a work queue item, checks the priority value in the policy, and assigns an initial priority to the item. After the task is in the queue, the aging job (dm_QmPriorityAging) increases the priority incrementally based upon the policy until the task is worked on.

  4. queue catepories
    Queue categories can help to organize the work queues. Categories are like folders and must be created before creating the related queues.
  5. create work queue

  6. override policies for work queue policies (optional)
    The override policies allows to override the document properties temporary. It is usefull when different document types with different processing are in one work queue.
  7. build a process template in Process Builder

Work queue roles

Role Desciption
Queue_admin ♦ creates work queues and queue policies
♦ defines the skill profiles for processors
♦ queue matching filters: create, delete or modify
♦ can create and edit categories
♦ can create and edit override policies
♦ by default no administration role
♦ CREATE_GROUP privileges
Queue_manager ♦ monitors work queues
♦ reassign and suspend tasks
♦ queue matching filters: view settings only
♦ can create and edit categories
♦ can create and edit override policies
♦ CREATE_GROUP privileges
Queue_processor have one or more work queue inboxes, works with assigned items
request and complete work, suspend and unsuspend work and reassign their work to others
Queue_advance_processor same permissions as queue_processor additional:
select items to work on from one or more work queue inboxes
Process_report_admin workflow reports