D6.6 Process Integrator

Documentum 6.6 compatible

formerly known as Business Process Services.

Process Integrator replaces and extends a previous Documentum product, Inter-Enterprise Workflow
Services (IWS).  Process Integrator is not a seperate application, the Outbound and Inbound activity templates are delivered with the Process Builder.

What Process Integrator does

This figure displays the main functionality of the Process Integrator


Messaging Services

Outbound activity templates: send messages, inside or outside a company firewall by using various transport protocols. Initiation activity can send from:

  • workflows
  • event notification
  • any docApp that can call DFC methods

Outbound activities executed on the Java Method Server and runson the Content Server host. Outbound activities anabled during the Process Builder installation.

Inbound activity templates: receive messages and controll how they are processed. Inbound messages my be responses from outbound messages but not required.
Supported formats:

  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • JMS (Java Method Server) Protocols

Activity templates

  • Initiate activities: initiate or start a WF
  • step activities: complete at last or a workitem

Incoming message correlation

Transport-based correlation: Process Engine creates a unique correlation_identifier attribute in dm_workflow object to identify the process. The receiver of the message must have the same identifier on its response. The correlation_identifier must have been sent out at soe point earlier in the process for the system to be able to receive it in the incomming message.

Content-based correlation: Correlation is achieved using a unique value in teh incoming message. The WF instance matches the vaule of the message property with the value of the correlation sets in the inbound step activity configuration.







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