D6.5 My Documentum family

Documentum 6.5 SP2 compatible

My Documentum family overview

  • My Documentum for MS Outlook (formerly Document Client for Outlook)
  • My Documentum for Desktop (formerly File Share Services)
  • My Documentum for Offline
    • My Documentum for MS Sharepoint
    • My Documentum for Creative Professionals (Adobe Creative Suite X, Adobe In-Design, Quark xpress)
    • My Documentum for SAP

My Documentum for MS Outlook

My Documentum for MS Outlook is available for Outlook 2003 and 2007 SP1 (The EMC My Documentum Product Family, A detailed review, September 2009).

The extensive content management capabilities delivers via My Documentum that enable users to work with eMails and documents from the comfort of the Outlook interface are well known. Users can open, edit and save a document. My Documentum for Outlook display document properties, permissions, and versions. Users can also create new documents in either online or offline mode using Documentum templates. Documentum objects (eMails, attachments or documents) can be classified with metadata fields (properties) such as sender, recipient, data sent, size, file type ect. and stored togehter in the repositiory.

My Documentum for MS Outlook provides two mode: in the online mode users has immediate access to content, permissions, locations and advanched search. In the offline mode the user work with eMails and documents but any changes are stored locally. If the connection resumes the content synchronization starts automatically. The user can set properties of the synchronization. My Documentum for MS Outlook resolve collisions during the synchronization process (document is simultaneously changed by differnet users) and provides several resolution options like: create an new version, unlocks the document, discard local changes, preserve the server version and so on.

My Documentum for Desktop

My Documentum for Desktop is availavle for Windows and Apple Mac environment (ref. release notes, none current release notes available (04/12)).

This application is certified for MS Office Products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), withhin these applications the client provides the following services: import, open, browse, check in/check out, delete and versioning. Excel tables can linked into PowerPoint presentations and thumbnail previews displayes in Explorer and Apple’s Finder.

Explorer Windows Vista. This picture was taken from the "EMC My Documentum Product family, Sept. 2009"

The Branch Office Caching Services (BOCS) enhanched the read / write performance between client and the repository. Content is still controlled by the repository and content linked via My Documentum for Desktop remains unaffected. My Documentum for Desktop is integrated with CenterStage. The CenterStage spaces are exposed and retention policies also be applied to folders ind the repository.

My Documentum for Offline

This application is a new, lieghtweight client that gives users transparent access to content managed by the repository while disconnected from the repository. Folders and Content from the repository are available on local storage. Content may be edited, added, deleted and subscribed while offline and will automatically synchronize to the repository when connected.

Full range of synchronization options. This picture was taken from the "EMC My Documentum Product family, Sept. 2009"


  •  Check in /check out while connected to the repository
  • Leverage offline metadata support
  • synchronization options
    • download modified versions of documents from the repository to an offline folder
    • upload modified documents from a offline folder to the repository
    • proceed in both directions
    • individual files and folders or multiple files and folders in a folder tree
  • send content as a link through eMail
  • resolve synchronization conflicts