Forms Builder: Data adaptors

xCP 1.x compatible

futher information: short tutorial: use adaptors in Forms Builder

Data adaptors are a powerful tool to create individual and dynamical forms and taskspace tabs. The data source adaptor includes data from the repository via DQL or values from SQL or JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

Adaptor Type Description
Item Initializer entered a value in a field automatically.
Default: current date/time in a date in a time or date field.
Item Validator validate a user’s input values
on individual fields.
Default: adaptor validates string inputs
against the current repository by searching for
them in the list returned by a DQL query or a default string (example: “@”)
Document Validator validate an entire form template
Data Source include external information into template
further information can be found in Class Name section
Data Source Set Value automatically populate one field on the
template by two types of setting adaptors values: on Change or on Init
Document Processor – Initialization An initialization adaptor initializes values for the entire form.
Document Processor – Pre-submission A pre-submission adaptor executes prior to form submission
provided the validation succeeds, then the form is saved.
Document Processor – Post-submission A post-submission adaptor executes after a form is submitted.

Create Data Adaptors

Forms Builder –>File –> Adaports

Adaptor Configuration Manager

Adaptor Configuration Manager

Installed adaptors

add a new adaptor (Global Adaptors if the functionality should be available for more than one form template).


Adaptor Type (table 1 on this page)
Name: the individual name of your new created adaptor
Description: a short description of the functionality or requirements


Class Name:
DataSourceAdaptorService to connect a repository via DQL

JDBCDataSourceAdaptor to connect to SQL or external DQL Server

PropertiesDataSourceAdaptor to include data from a properties file

Java Class (a Java Class is easy to validate or to debug, if your adaptor is not very complex you can use SBO per default)
service-based business object (SBO) based on EMC’s Business Object Framework (BOF)

Initial parameter:
dql or sql

returns the last five active users (last_login_utc_time):

select user_name, last_login_utc_time  from dm_user 
WHERE user_os_name not like 'dm%' AND user_name = SUBSTR( default_folder,2,20)ORDER BY last_login_utc_time DESC 


The individual value to fulfill the main query. Not usesd in this example.

Output type:

All used values in the Initial parameter section should be specified. All output items are grouped in a individual group, called “item”.

futher information: short tutorial: use adaptors in Forms Builder