short tutorial: upgrading Content Server

short tutorial: upgrading Content Server

Upgrading your Content Server on Windows Server OS

The current version of xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) is version 1.5 (6.6 release). It is not possible to update the entire software platfrom 1.5 to 1.6 (6.7 release).

Note: Due to changes in the licensing of some 3rd party components that are used in the xCP Developer Edition, the 1.6 release has been delayed.  Please watch this page for an announcement of its availability.

The first step is to upgrade the Content Server from the released version 6.6 to the current version 6.7 SP1. Here is the upgrade checklist with additional screenshots and comments.


  1. Back up the repository.
  2. Back up  customized formats(dm_format objects)

    Content Server 6.7 SP1 start installation
  3. Run the consistency checker job or dmbasic syntax (optional, if you are not upgrading an new xCP installation)
  4. Disable all jobs in the Documentum Administrator
  5. Shut down the repository and the connection broker (docbroker) in the Server Manager
  6. Shut down the Documentum Java Method Server services. Switch the start up method from automatic to manual to ensure that the services does not start automatically after a host restart.
  7. Start the installation
  8. install xPlore or FAST search engine (FAST is not supported)

    Content Server 6.7 SP1 select search engine
  9. select upgraderepository and docbrocker

    Content Server 6.7 SP1 upgrade repository
  10. don’t select create additional repository or docbrocker and finish the section

    Content Server 6.7 summary information
  11. finish installation, check install logfile in the source folder
  12. restart the environment (check Java memory size in Windows Task Manager, check the Documentum Services in the Windows Services, check the log files in the new JBoss 5.1 folder)
  13. stop the Application Server Service
  14. deploy JBoss war files for Taskspace, Administrator etc. in the deploy folder
  15. restart Application Server Service
  16. install DAR applications (Taskspace, Administrator etc.) using Composer 6.7 DARInstaller