The xCP 2.0 Interface

The xCP 2.0 Interface

Personal impressions of EMC’s hands-on LAB in Vienna.
The second lab session called “Advanced” on wednesday, 7th November 2012 was a deep preview of the new xCP user interface.

The new interface of the xCP Designer

The xCP Designer is the new unified tool to build applications on top of the Documentum 7 environment.

The xCP Navigator

  • The Application Settings includes Model, Role, Parameters, Endpoints, Permission Sets, Email Templates and (general) settings. This folder has the functionality of the TaskSpace Configuration-Page and Documentum Composer.
    Very helpful is the new “Endpoints” functionality where all connection parameter to external system or repositories are stored. In xCP2.0 exists only one central page to administrate all login and connection data.
  • The Object Models and Processes represents the ProcessBuilder and Composer features.
    The Object Models area includes the Business Objects, Content, Folders, Picklist and Relationship function.
  • The User Interface and Data Services replaces the FormsBuilder and the awful Adaports from xCP 1.x.
    The User Interface section includes the functionality to create and manage a default Master page and runtime Application UI, Business Object UI, Content UI, Folder UI or Process UI. The Master UI has the same functionality like the master page in Microsoft’s Power Point.
    Data Services is a collection of queries to create data-based widgest. It’s possible to gather objects from the repository (realtime), historical data, indexed content and tasks.



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