Understanding Repository Services

Trusted Content Services

Trusted Content Services (TCS) provides additional security features such as digital shredding of content files, strong electronic signatures, content encryption, and enhanced ACLs.

Content Services for EMC Centera

Content Services for EMC Centera (CSEC) adds support for Centera storage for guaranteed retention and immutability. Centera storage is suitable for storing large amounts of infrequently changing data that needs to be retained for a specific period.

Content Storage Services

Content Storage Services (CSS) enables the use of content storage and migration policies, which automate the assignment of content to various storage areas. CSS can be used for optimizing the use of storage infrastructure in the enterprise. CSS also provides features for content compression and de-duplication.

Retention Policy Services

Retention Policy Services (RPS) enables use of policies to manage the lifecycle of the objects stored in the repository. A retention policy defines the phases through which such an object passes and how it is finally disposed off or archived.