WF vs Lifecycle

Here you can find a short overview of two of the automation features that documentum offers. It helps you keep in mind the most important differences. In combination with aliases they even can be transferred from one repository to another. For further information please refer to the corresponding documentation.

A lifecycle is what happens to an object.A workflow is what people do to an object.
A lifecycle is a set of linearly connected states.A workflow is a network of activities.
artifact in a Documentum project, to be installed or uninstallednot implemented as a project. Using Project builder WFs can be changed using a checkin / checkout function.
Documentum ComposerWorkflow manager and Process Builder, but not in Documentum Composer.
instance of dm_policyinstance of dm_process
without run-time instanceswith run-time instances (When a user starts a workflow, the server uses the definition in the dm_process object to
create a runtime instance of the workflow. Runtime instances of a workflow are stored
in dm_workflow objects for the duration of the workflow. )
definition states: draft, validated, installed (states that have absolutely nothing to do with the states in the LC which are stored in attributes i_state_no, state_* and others in dm_policy object)definition states: draft, validated, installed