Composer – Step 4 create the Lifecycle

Composer – Step 4 create the Lifecycle

You can now create the lifecycle to which objects of type hpe_doctype can be attached.

File–> New–> Other–> Documentum Artifact–> select Lifecycyle

Enter a lifecycle name as artifact name and click Finish.

A new properties tap displayed on the bottom frame. This Porperties tab include a General tab on the left side (screenshot).

  1. Generla tab select the custom type as your Primary type
  2. click in the white area and draw a new rectangle
  3. addtional tabs under general appears
  4. enter in the Overview tab the name of the rectangle = lifecycle state

select both check boxes: Allow attachments directly to this state and Allow scheduled transitions from this state

go to Actions tab
select Set attribute and enter the first attribute of the custom type called: status
the value of the attribute status is draft

click on the Set permission set and select the doc_processor permission set


Add four more states: review, approved, effective and obsolete
set the status attribute to the corresponding values of the lifecycle state
Connect the lifecycle states. Draw an arrow between the states and they are connected automatically.

full lifecycle created with Composer


Composer – Step 3 create Alias Set

Composer – Step 3 create Alias Set
  1. This alias represents a person who is  authorized to review submitted documents and check them for completed informationadjudication_user: This alias represents a person who is authorized to approve or deny processed claims.
    File–>New–>Other–>select Alias Set in the wizard

    Click Finish.
    The Alias Set pane appears in Composer.
  2. You can enter a description to understand the alias set.
    Create a new Aliases to click on Add
    Specify the following information for the fields and click OK.Artifact Name:  processing_user
    Type:  User

    Ensure that the alias that you just created is highlighted and click on the Parameter radio button in the  Value section.

  3. Click on the Select button for the Parameter field and select the processing_parameter installation parameter from the list.

  4. Add another alias to the alias set with the following information:
    Name: adjudication_user
    Type: User
    Parameter: select the radio button and choose adjudication_parameter

Two aliases are created.