xCP environment registration Part I

Deploy xMS Agent on Apache Tomcat

This is part one of an additional guide to deploy the xms-server.war on a DIY Windows Environment. The next part describe the registration of an xCP environment manually.
If you are install xCP 2.0 on Windows you can download the compiled exe-package. The *.exe download package does not include the catalina.bat file, because the *.exe package installs tomcat as a Windows Service. The tomcat memory settings are set in the Apache Tomcat 7.0 Properties Application. The zipped package includes the catalina.bat file. The full requirements are listet on the D7 xMS preparation page.

  1. Stop Apache Tomcat 7.0 Services
  2. Copy the xms-server.war file in the Tomcat 7.0 webapps folder
  3. Rename the *.war extension to *.zip and extract the file and delete the original *.zip file afterwards
  4. Open cmd – the windows command center
    navigate to \webapps\xms-server\WEB-INF

     xcopy xms-agent-context.xml xms-server-context.xml

    ensure that the xms-agent-context and the xms-server-context files are equal

    <bean id="xmsServerConfigurator" class="com.documentum.xms.server.XmsServerConfiguration">
     <!-- Whenever an xMS agent is being deployed, set applicationType to "AGENT_TYPE" -->
     <property name="applicationType" ref="AGENT_TYPE"/>
  5. Open the Apache Tomcat 7.0 Properties Application and set:

    Apache Tomcat 7.0 Properties
    Apache Tomcat 7.0 Properties
  6. Start Apache Tomcat Services
    wait >1 minutes until the xms-server is completely deployed
  7. check the deployment: http://<localhost>:<8080>/xms-server
    port 8080 for non SSL / port 8443 for SSL connection

    Testwebpage to check the xMS Agent and xMS registered environment

Download Apache Tomcat 7.0.29 from the Apache archive.