xCP environment registration Part II

The heart of the xCelerated Management System version 1.0 are the xms-tools.

All files located in the bin folder of the xms-tools-1.0 package.

The tool include the Command Line Interface (CLI) , the xMS Agent, the xMS Server and some batch files.
The xms.bat is called CLI in the documentation and located in the main bin folder. Ensure you have set the xms-server.properties file correctly (located in the folder config). The CLI is not only a small administrative command tool, you can display all environments (show-environments) or one in detail (show-environment-details –name test_xcp) , import and export the configuration, show/create/disable users and execute the deployment into the registed environment.

xMS Tools version 1.0
2013 © Mr.Crazyapple

The xMS Server is only available, if you have installed the vFabric tc Server in your VMWare environment.

The xMS Agent reffered to the xms-env-registration-ui.bat. In this user-interface you can add all your available Documentum components (eg.: Repository, CTS, CIS, BAM, etc). This Agent make your xCP Applications in your environment available.

This screenshot shows all the commands that are executed in the CLI.