Compliance Services for Documentum

Comliance Services provide capabilities for retaining and managing content.

These services are:

  • Retention Policy Services
    Determines the length of time a object (document or folder) is retained. For the duration of its applied retention policy the managed object can’t be modified or deleted, although a new version of the object may be created.
  • Federated Records Services
    Managed the content and objects of external repositories with one master repository and created proxy objects for any external objects without importing all content and property information.
  • Records Manager
    The Records Manager inludes discrete modules. The customer can add additional modules that meets their unique requirements.
  • Trusted Content Services
    Enhanced security options on the Content Server like Digital Shredding and Encrypted file store storage areas.
  • Infromation Rights Management Services
    The IRM Policy Server extend the security and access controls on content beyond the repository.
  • Content Intelligence Services