What is Latency, Throughput and Capavity ?

What is... This is a short answer and question category.Latency

This is the time from when an event occurs until the event is available and useable in the system.

Example: data transfer latency

The BAM Server collects events from the audit trail database that occurred 30 seconds in the past. This delay ensures that late arriving audit trail events are collected.


This describes the number of transactions the system can process per unit of time.

It is important to execute single-user test for debug and functional tests and multi-user tests for the same business transcations.

Example: concurrent search queries per time interval or the number of simultaneously-viewed documents


Capacity is not a fixed value or measurable. Capacity depends on the number of users, the number of business processes, the number of documents  and the soft- and hardware configuration.

The capacity must be treated separately:

  • on the client (Browser)
  • Application Server
  • Content Server
  • Database
  • and the network bandwidth and latency between the components